We know that there are car enthusiasts out there—just like us. People who are passionate about the classic car scene.

That’s why we’ve launched Patina Magazine. It combines our passion for cars with photography, design and narrative.

Patina Magazine not only brings you rare cars, but it explores their histories and the people who own them. In addition, you get updates on classic car events.

Patina Magazine offers high quality photography and editorial, plus video and interactivity for a rich, on-line experience.

What’s more, Patina Magazine will be published in several languages, so readers are assured that nothing gets lost in translation.

Before you click below to read your first issue, make sure to sign up for a free subscription. Than we can notify you when new issues arrive. And don’t keep it to yourself, share it with your fellow car enthusiasts by emailing or on social media.

Enjoy the ride.